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Introduction Of Shahidul Afridi:

Hey, I am Shahidul Afridi. CEO and Founder At Markertion. A Full Stack Digital Marketer. Specialist in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, And Web Designer.

“Shahidul Afridi” is a full-stack digital marketer and Entrepreneur. He was born on 22nd July 2003 in Manikganj, Bangladesh. He is a professional digital marketer and search engine optimization expert working successfully with various leading companies worldwide for a long time. Apart from companies or agencies, Shahidul Afridi has been working in various freelancer marketplaces around the world since 2018. He is still working on various marketplaces and Serving as the CEO and Founder of Markertion (Creative Digital Marketing Agency).

Journey Of full-stack digital marketing:

Journey Of full-stack digital marketing

My journey started when I was in college doing my bachelors in 2018. I start with website design. The learning process was fun. After completing several web design projects I continued to learn SEO. And completely mastered digital marketing and in early 2020 I worked as a full-stack digital marketer in various freelancer marketplaces. And continue to work with different organizations. Now I am mainly working on SEO, web design and social media marketing.

As a full-stack Digital Marketer, Shahidul Afridi can help you build your brand Identity, It would be personal or your business. A strong and recognizable brand can help a business be more successful.

Shahidul Afridi main focus is on creating high-converting Websites Creation, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to rank your website on the first page of Google and increase organic traffic And your personal and business Social Media Management Or Marketing Etc.

Although As a full-stack digital marketer, Shahidul Afridi journey of 5 years is not very long. But Shahidul Afridi loves his work and tries to fulfill all the work needs of his clients.

Journey Of Entrepreneur:

There are many interesting facts behind my entrepreneurship that cannot be told at other times. To make a long story short, when I started freelancing it was basically two friends and I three together and dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur at the same time.

After that, me and a friend of mine started a business together while freelancing which was basically a clothing related business, we were freelancing and the business was doing fairly well. Although we didn’t make the business very successful, there was a lot to learn from it and we did well overall while being fairly small.

Since then, the real story of being an entrepreneur has slowly started my agency and two or three other businesses online and moving forward with hopes of doing better in the future. Although I am very young, InshaAllah I am constantly updating myself and working hard to do better things in the future. Hope I can reach my goal and fulfill my dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Alhamdulillah I am currently doing well mainly with freelancing and some of my blogging websites and my agency.

A few words about my agency Markertion (Creative Digital Marketing Agency):

When I started my freelancing career, I started Markartion (Creative Digital Marketing Agency) with a very small team. So far, about 35 skilled people are working tirelessly in all departments in our agency. 

We provide Web Design, Graphic Design, UI & UX Designer, Video Editing, and All Digital Marketing like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social media marketing (SMM), Lead Generation, Google Ads, etc. solutions.

I have been working with various international freelancer marketplaces as well as with my agency since the beginning and have been working successfully till now and almost every client of mine is very satisfied with my work.

We never take on a project that we can’t handle. We always put the client first,  We provide 24 hours client support by our experienced support team for any issue.

Journey of Travel Blogging:

Above all traveling is my favorite. I love to travel, I am a nature lover, I love nature very much. I have always dreamed of traveling a lot since I was very young. Travel blogging has been my dream since I started freelancing and saw different bloggers. First of all, I love to travel, it’s one of my favorite things. My main purpose of blogging is to capture my memories through camera, that’s the main purpose of my travel blog.

My blogs are mainly published on YouTube and Facebook page. (my blogging youtube and facebook page name is Shahidul blog) also i write different content in blogger form on my website. By visiting this link, you can view other content besides my written blogging content.

Personal life and conclusion:

Hey I am Shahidul Afridi. CEO and Founder at Markertion. A full stack digital marketer. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist, Social Media Marketing and Web Designer.

Shahidul Afridi is very smiling and simple person in personal life. A talented boy since childhood. His behavior is very humble and admirable. Shahidul Afridi loves to travel and runs whenever he gets a chance. He respects his work very much. Actually Shahidul Afridi is a dreamer, he loves to dream. He is working hard to fulfill his dream. Shahidul Afridi also hangs out a lot with his friends. But he personally prefers solitude. He always feels comfortable spending time with his family and his favorite person is his mother. He likes to spend time with his mother and spends a lot of time with his mother.

Starting from the Shahidul Afridi Digital Marketing Award, he has participated in various competitions and won various sports awards since his school life. His favorite sport is cricket.

But Shahidul Afridi is a neat person. Start working according to daily schedule. Currently he is busy with his entrepreneurial career. Finally I can say that I am constantly updating myself and moving towards the goal of fulfilling my dreams.

Thank you so much for reading the life story of a tiny human like me, have a nice day.

We provide all types of services to start a business and grow a business through our agency you can contact us if you want.

If you want, you can follow my travel videos.

About - Shahidul Afridi

Shahidul Afridi

CEO and Founder Markertion

A Full-Stack Digital Marketer. Specialist In SEO!

My Qualification



Manikganj Govt. Technical School And College

SSC (2019) HSC (2021)

Department of Science


Manikganj Govt. Debendra College & University

Bachelor of BBA (2022-Present)

 Department of Finance & Banking

My Skills

Search Engine Optimization (International SEO) 98%
Local SEO 95%
YouTube Marketing and SEO 95%
Social Media Marketing (SMM) 92%
Google Ads 90%
Facebook Marketing and Ads Campaign 92%
WordPress website design 85%

My Work Experience


CEO and Founder  

Markertion (27 July 2018 – Present)

Markertion is basically a Creative Digital Marketing Agency.This Markertion agency mainly provides services in four categories: video editing, graphic design, web development and full digital marketing. He looks after the entire organization. He also Head and Project Manager of Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing.


Social Media Marketing Specialist

WebMarkia (Aug 2018 – Jan 2022)

Web Markia is basically a digital marketing agency. I am working there as Social Media Marketing Manager.


Search Engine Optimization Specialist

Web Dignify (Jan 2022 – Present)

WebDignify is a digital marketing agency. I am working there as a Search Engine Optimization Specialist.


Search Engine Optimization Specialist

Webmaster Samrat (June 2023 – Present)

Webmaster Samrat mainly provides web design, web development and digital marketing services. I am working there as a Search Engine Optimization Specialist.


Freelance Marketplace

Apart from companies or agencies, Shahidul Afridi has been working on various types of freelancer marketplaces around the world since 2018. He is still working on various marketplaces. such as

Fiverr (March 2018 Disable – New Account May 2021)

Freelancer (Joined October 19, 2022)


Young Marketer Award 2020

Young Marketer Award 2020

At the age of 17, Shahidul Afridi became the youngest winner of the Digital Marketer Award.

Best Digital Marketer Award 2021

Best Digital Marketer Award 2021

He originally received this award in January 2021 as an SEO expert

Best Digital Marketer Award 2022

Best Digital Marketer Award 2022

He won this award in March 2022 as A Full-Stack Digital Marketer. He won the award for his contribution in various tasks like social media marketing, search engine optimization, website web design etc.

Besides, Shahidul Afridi has won various awards in sports and education. He has various awards. He has also won numerous awards as a digital marketer in his hometown.



Full Professional Proficiency

  1. Bengali
  2. English

Writing / Speaking


Limited working proficiency

  1. Hindi
  2. Urdu.
  3. Spanish
  4. French
  5. Russian

Only Writing

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Shahidul Afridi

CEO and Founder Markertion

A Full Stack Digital Marketer. Specialist In Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Social Media Marketing, And Web Designer.

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